Seeking Multi-Omic Data Scientist

Seeking Data Scientist for network analysis of genomic and proteomic data for a fibrotic disease biomarker discovery project. Please contact


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Liver fibrotic disease or lung fibrotic disease??

Dupuytren disease.
New territory!

Really interesting and sounds like a autoimmune disorder according to information below:

In terms of the immunological features of DD, evidence has persistently suggested the involvement of both T and B lymphocytes in DD etiology. As such, the disease has frequently been termed a “T-cell-mediated autoimmune disorder".

Thanks, Shicheng -

I agree, it’s a fascinating lead. Most of the research has focused either on SNPs or late downstream fibrotic pathways. What’s your suggestion for the shortest path to understanding more about the immune-related mechanisms in Dupuytren disease? We have blood proteomic and genomic data sets.



Have you been able to get help for analysis of genomic and proteomic data for your fibrotic disease biomarker discovery project?
If not, I may be able to help.