Seeking Multi-Omic Data Scientist

Seeking Data Scientist for network analysis of genomic and proteomic data for a fibrotic disease biomarker discovery project. Please contact


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Liver fibrotic disease or lung fibrotic disease??

Dupuytren disease.
New territory!

Really interesting and sounds like a autoimmune disorder according to information below:

In terms of the immunological features of DD, evidence has persistently suggested the involvement of both T and B lymphocytes in DD etiology. As such, the disease has frequently been termed a “T-cell-mediated autoimmune disorder".

Thanks, Shicheng -

I agree, it’s a fascinating lead. Most of the research has focused either on SNPs or late downstream fibrotic pathways. What’s your suggestion for the shortest path to understanding more about the immune-related mechanisms in Dupuytren disease? We have blood proteomic and genomic data sets.