Open Targets Platform 22.04 is out now!

We have just released the latest data update to the Open Targets Platform β€” 22.04.

Key highlights for this release:

  • New datasource: gene burden analyses from Regeneron in the GWAS Catalog and the AstraZeneca PheWAS portal
  • Integration of structural variants from ClinVar
  • Additional information in ChEMBL from DailyMed drug label text-mining
  • NLP classification of why clinical trials stopped, which affects scoring
  • New data: Gene2phenotype cardiac panel
  • Also: renaming Phenodigm to IMPC, removing the PheWAS Catalog datasource

This release integrates 13,829,174 evidence strings to build 7,541,360 target-disease associations between 18,520 diseases and 61,524 targets from the following 22 public resources:

Additionally, the Platform now allows users to explore data on 12,854 drugs.

For more details, read the 22.04 release blog post.


Thanks for a new release!

However, I cannot see the 22.04 data on


Hi @sigven!

It usually takes about 24 hours for the FTP files to be available after a release. Please check again this evening and let us know if you’re still having issues

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Great! Thanks for the quick feedback.


Just to note that this is a genuine bug, and the 22.04 files are not yet available on the FTP. We will let the Community know as soon as we have fixed this.

See also: Availability of 22.04 files from the FTP

OK, thanks for the notice.