Open Targets Platform 22.02 has been released!

We have just released the latest data update to the Open Targets Platform — 22.02.

Key highlights for this release:

  • Gene2Phenotype has updated their terminology, in line with the terms established by the Gene Curation Coalition (GenCC). This is reflected in the Platform.
  • We have integrated new data from several providers, in particular the OT Genetics portal and ChEMBL.
  • The Open Targets COVID-19 target prioritisation tool has been deprecated, but the data is available in the Open Targets Platform.

This release integrates 10,880,832 evidence strings to build 7,980,448 target-disease associations between 18,468 diseases and 61,524 targets from the following 22 public resources:

Additionally, the Platform now allows users to explore data on 12,594 drugs.

For more details, read the 22.02 release blog post.