List of Trait Categories in PheWAS

I’m doing an analysis with several hundred lists, each of 500 SNPs. I want to compare how many of those SNPs are associated with each trait category – is there a way I can get a full list of all the trait categories? Each individual SNP only gives the trait categories for that specific SNP.

Hello @Lucia_Zhang and welcome to our community!

Sorry for the late reply. Did you manage to sort it? If I understand correctly, you want to have a full list of all the possible therapeutical categories to annotate your lists.
This information can be found in our variant to disease dataset, that you can download from here: Index of /pub/databases/opentargets/genetics/latest/v2d

Here you have a table of variant to trait relationships. From the trait_category field, you can extract all the unique elements to obtain what you’re looking for.


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