"Internal server error" on study locus page

When going to this page


I see an “Internal server error” above the L2G results table. Also, I get the following error in the API:

sangria.execution.deferred.AbsentDeferredValueError: Fetcher has not resolved non-optional ID 'ENSG00000255823'.

Not sure whether it’s the same error on your setup.

Hi Roman, Thank you so much for bringing this issue to our attention! We could track down this issue to the fact that there’s a retired gene (ENSG00000255823 ) which not consistent across all resources causing a server error. The aforementioned redesign of the pipelines involves making sure targets are consistently handled across all processes (intervals, mapping QTLs, predicted gene consequences etc.) and the target index is based on the OT Platform gene set. Again, I’m not able to give you a definitive timeline for fixing.


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