Found 3 papers tagged with melanoma that are about methylation

This issue is similar to my previous issue about gonorrhea and gastric cancer.

I found 3 papers that I believe are tagged with “melanoma” in OpenTargets but are really about “methylation”, is that possible? I am not sure how to search for or link to them here in OpenTargets but I have the EuropePMC links:
DFNA5 promoter methylation a marker for breast tumorigenesis
Aberrant promoter methylation and tumor suppressive activity of the DFNA5 gene in colorectal carcinoma
Methylation analysis of Gasdermin E shows great promise as a biomarker for colorectal cancer

Please look into it and tell me if I’m way off.

Thanks @Su_Mo,

We’ll take a look!


I took a look at the first paper ( DFNA5 promoter methylation a marker for breast tumorigenesis, with pmid 28404884). When
I looked up this paper in our matches dataset, I have found the following diseases:

|pmid    |labelN                  |name                           |
|28404884|neoplasm                |neoplasm                       |
|28404884|tumor                   |neoplasm                       |
|28404884|cancer                  |cancer                         |
|28404884|diseasmetastat          |metastatic neoplasm            |
|28404884|carcinomacelloralsquamou|oral squamous cell carcinoma   |
|28404884|lymphmetastasinode      |lymph node metastatic carcinoma|
|28404884|dci                     |breast ductal carcinoma in situ|
|28404884|gastrictumor            |stomach neoplasm               |
|28404884|adenocarcinoma          |adenocarcinoma                 |
|28404884|adenocarcinomabreast    |breast adenocarcinoma          |

No sign of melanoma. Could you please provide more context please? eg. linking the platform URL on which you encounted the suspicious publication. Thanks.

Let me check at our end, because I found this connection in a downloaded opentargets dataset (I think). I’ll trace the source and get back to you.

Please let us know what you found. For reference, here is the notebook I used to do the analysis.

We checked at our end and we found that the papers were linked to melanoma via Reactome, which mentioned defective pyroptosis caused by aberrant methylation to be associated with melanoma. See the “4 publications” link in the “Reactome” section of this Open Targets evidence page. So that is not an error, just an extrapolation. Thank you for looking into it.