Export GWAS data from Open Targets Genetics

I was wondering how can i download the list of GWAS data and annotations that are used in Open Targets… For example i would like to have a list with start- stop positions , GWAS/rs ID, gene ID a pvalue and information about functional annotations (enhancers, promoters etc). I checked the open-targets-genetics google storage and there are some files is this correct ? Should I download the v2g and l2g directories ? How can I visualize those spited parquet files in the particular directories in one table ?
Do you know any other way to find and download these data ?

Hi @Dimitris_Zisis and welcome to our Community!

Sorry for the late reply. We are working towards a better documentation of our datasets, so that the available data and its metadata is more transparent to our users. For the time being, let me point you to the datasets you might find of interest:

You’ll find a more comprehensive explanation of our data and pipelines in our docs.