Drug for anhidrosis

Hello Helena/Andrew
I watched few videos about Open Target and found them very useful

I searched “Anhidrosis” and noticed there is “no data” under “known drugs”. Does this mean there is no specific target to treat anhidrosis?

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For anhidrosis (EFO_1000670), we do not have any drug information to display. Our pipelines have not found any clinical trial, DailyMed, FDA, or ATC records that have anhidrosis as the indication.

If you know of any specific sources that mention drugs indicated for anhidrosis, please respond below and I can ask our data team to investigate.

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Thanks Andrew for the reply,

I searched and didn’t see nothing. However, anecdotally, “beer” has been, and probably still, used to treat horses that stop sweating. That’s aside, I am a Vet and interested in anhidrosis, and in few other rare conditions. If one of your data team is interested to investigate such topics, then I am happy to corporates

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Hello @Zaki!

This is Irene, from the Data team. As Andrew said, we are not aware of any drug with an indication of anhidrosis/hypohidrosis. However, I invite you to forward to us any resource that might be of interest either here or by contacting us at data@opentargets.org.
We will be happy to expand our data in the drugs space.