Diethylproprion reported as phase 4 drug for Psoriasis

Hello, I found the following data in ‘knownDrugsAggregated’:

drugId: CHEMBL1194666
targetId: ENSG00000142319
diseaseId: EFO_0000676
phase: 4
status: Completed
urls: ClinicalTrials, Search of: ALL - List Results -]"
ancestors: EFO_0000701, OTAR_0000018, EFO_0000540, EFO_1000636, EFO_0000508, MONDO_0002406, EFO_0010285]"
label: psoriasis
approvedSymbol: SLC6A3
approvedName: solute carrier family 6 member 3
drugType: Small molecule
mechanismOfAction: Dopamine transporter inhibitor
targetName: Dopamine transporter

I’ve not been able to verify this information online. And NCT01356004 on does not seem to correspond to this drug/target (although it does correspond to the diseaseId, Psoriasis).

Hi, I think this might be a curation bug. I have reported it to my colleagues at ChEMBL, I’ll let you know when they come back to me.

Thanks for reporting!

@Karl_Gemayel This is indeed an issue in the clinical trials curation process. After your report, this will be amended and updated in our next release.

Thank you again!

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