Data Sharing Roadmap/Timeline for Open-IBD Project

Dear Team,

Could you please provide clearer details on the types of data that will be shared with the community and the timeline for when this data will be made available for IBD-Open project?

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Hi Shicheng,

I shared your question with the Open-IBD leads, and they said the following:

We anticipate recruiting our first patient into Open IBD in January 2025. Data from the study will be shared with the scientific community upon publication, and we hope that publications on subsets of the data will start appearing from 2027 onwards. Genome sequence data will be made available via our usual channels, such as the European Genome Phenome Archive, and summary data from the various analyses we undertake will be made available via the Open Targets Genetics Platform or bespoke websites.

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This timeline information is pretty helpful! Thank you so much!

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