Calling developers looking to collaborate on a large open-source application!

Help Open Targets refactor our codebase from standard Javascript to Typescript.

Open Targets is a public-private partnership whose ultimate aim is to improve the success rate of discovering new medicines; designing and testing new therapies is currently a lengthy, costly process with a low success rate.

Our seven academic and pharmaceutical partner institutions collaborate on experimental research projects designed to identify causal links between drug targets and diseases, and informatics frameworks that systematically identify and prioritise targets for drug development. We are committed to making our data, methods, and results publicly available as soon as possible, and we value open collaboration.

Among our flagship informatics products is the Open Targets Platform. The Platform is an open-source data integration and analysis tool, integrating over 20 public data sources which are used to build and score associations between targets and diseases. The Platform is regularly updated, with five releases every year.

We are looking for open-source contributors to help us refactor our UI codebase to from standard Javascript to Typescript.

This is a great project for junior developers who are looking to collaborate on a production-running application build with leading-edge technologies such as React, GraphQL and Turbo. This work will help us spot bugs earlier and improve the readability and longevity of our codebase. Typescript also has the advantage of rich IDE support and cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility.

For more details, take a look at the issue on our GitHub and/or feel free to contact me.

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