Bulk searching locus tables (including L2G and V2G data) in Open Targets Genetics using Google BigQuery

I am interested in downloading locus tables (see example below) for many genes in bulk. I viewed all tables available in Google BigQuery but I cannot find a database that stores the locus-to-gene data, with the “Overall V2G” scores.

Is there a way to download such tables in bulk, or maybe the whole database, that I could extract genes of interest?

Study ID Study Detail Lead Variant Tag Variant Gene Lead Variant P-value Beta Odds Ratio 95% Confidence Interval Expansion LD (r²) Posterior Probability Overall V2G View
GCST007236 Breast cancer 1_55523741_T_G 1_55520203_G_A ENSG00000169174 3.05E-08 2.708413394 0.63349183 0
FINNGEN_R5_E4_HYPERLIPNAS Hyperlipidaemia other/unspecified 1_55039974_G_T 1_54562566_C_T ENSG00000169174 9.80E-10 0.687220553 0.016756482 0
NEALE2_20002_1224 Thyroid problem (not cancer) non-cancer illness code, self-reported 1_52907888_C_T 1_54553221_T_A ENSG00000169174 7.21E-09 5.561709089 0.001171434 0

The table has an additional 2,428 rows

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Hi, seems you already have the V2G scores for these variants/gene assignments. The L2G (can be bulk downloaded via ftp or GCS) is slightly different as it provides gene assignments at a locus level, rather than at a variant level.

A potential solution is to join the L2G table and your input table based on the following columns: study ID (study_id in L2G), lead variant (concat chrom, pos, ref, alt in L2G), Gene (gene_id in L2G).