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Is there a way to see if a certain compound is in active clinical development?

The compound descriptions specify number of investigational indications but in some instances these are active/ongoing trials and in others these are discontinued/completed trials.

Thank you!

Hello @mcg and welcome to our Community!

On any drug page, you’ll find a section titled “Clinical Precedence” that provides details about various trials the compound has been involved in. Within this section, there’s a “Status” column that gives a detailed account of the most recent reported status of the trial. For your specific interest, look for statuses labelled as Active, not recruiting. This data is sourced directly from On the top right of the page, you’ll find a more in-depth description of each trial phase.

If you are interested in accessing this information programmatically, you’d have to use our ChEMBL evidence dataset. The Clinical Precedence table is derived from the disease/target relationships we build based on the mechanism of action and the indication of a drug.
Within this dataset, you’ll find metadata about the clinical trial, including its status. Just keep the rows where clinicalStatus == 'Active, not recruiting'.

I hope this was helpful!