Accessing drug mechanisms from ChEMBL in the API


In the chembl page there is a field called " Drug Mechanisms".
I want to access this field using the the drug API for a specific compound of a specific target.

this is the query i use:
rows{targetName }

But i cannot access the chemblID of this linked compound…

Hi Anna-Isavella!

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I think this is because CHEMBL2363062 is a protein complex, and the Open Targets Platform does not currently include these as targets. Rather, you would need to query the individual components of the protein complex.

Let me know if this answers your question :slight_smile:


Hello Helena,

Thank you for your reply.
My compound of interest is actually this CHEMBL221959 and in the “Drug mechanisms” there is the CHEMBL2363062.
It means that the “drug mechanisms” refer to protein complexes in general?

Searching for CHEMBL221959 in the Open Targets Platform brings up the mechanism of action you are interested in, and you can see that it targets the protein complex JAK. We do not have protein complexes in the Platform, but you can see further information for each of the proteins targeted as part of the complex.

You can find known drugs for human targets in the Open Targets Platform, information which we ingest from ChEMBL.

For example, Tofacitinib (CHEMBL221959) is listed as a known drug for the proteins in the complex, e.g. JAK3: