Access denied by Google BigQuery

Hi Open target community,
I am a postdoc researcher working at the Northwestern University. I am recently exploring the fantastic open target data. I am now trying to explore the data with the google big query. However, every time I try to follow the protocol of accessing the data through big query (i.e, following the instruction of Get marketed drugs for a set of targets with BigQuery), it always said “Access Denied: Table open-targets-prod:platform_21_04.targets: User does not have permission to query table open-targets-prod:platform_21_04.targets”. I was wondering what could be wrong? Do I need to register a specific account and/or something else before doing that?

Hi @mengysun!

That query is not working because it was referencing the data present in the 21.04 release, which is no longer available. To access the latest data in our Platform, simply use the open-targets-prod.platform dataset, which will always point to the dataset we have in production.
This would be the correct query:

FROM `open-targets-prod.platform.molecule` AS drugs,
    UNNEST(linkedTargets.rows.list) AS linkedTarget
    JOIN `open-targets-prod.platform.targets` AS targets 
    ON = linkedTarget.element
WHERE drugs.maximumClinicalTrialPhase = 4 AND 
    targets.approvedSymbol IN (
GROUP BY, targets.approvedSymbol

The instructions you mentioned now point to the correct dataset. Thank you very much for reporting this!


Thanks a lot! This is very helpful!