The latest release — 22.06 — is now live!

We have just released the latest data update to the Open Targets Platform — 22.06.

Key highlights for this release:

  • We have included five additional studies in our Gene Burden widget, incorporating evidence from several therapeutic areas
  • The term “medical procedure” now exists in our ontology
  • Users can now visualise subcellular locations of targets

This release integrates 14,455,104 evidence strings to build 7,247,865 target-disease associations between 23,074 diseases and 61,524 targets from the following 22 public resources:

Additionally, the Platform now allows users to explore data on 12,854 drugs.

For more details, read the 22.06 release blog post.


Hi Helena, the FTP & gutils link provided at OT data portal seems not accessible now. The latest version is still updated on May. Will it be on later?

EDIT: To elaborate, basically, I can’t access 404 Not Found (

Apologies, as we are experiencing some difficulties with the EBI FTP servers that we are trying to resolve. You can follow the issue here:

Thanks a lot for your prompt response! I noticed that it has been resolved.

Hi! Which state of the frontend have you deployed? I don’t see a release tag as there normally is: Tags · opentargets/platform-app · GitHub

Hello Roman!

For the latest release of the UI and the followings, we are using the OT-UI-APPS repository.
GitHub - opentargets/ot-ui-apps We are working on enforcing the documentation, but basically, this repo will replace platform-app and genetics-app.

You can read about why we are doing this change here: Next steps in our web applications' architecture

Hey @carcruz !

Thank you for the explanation. I didn’t realize the ot-ui-apps repo was already used in production but that certainly explains why there is no release tag in the platform-app repo. I’ll check out the new repo in more detail then.

Thanks again!

Hi Helena, some questions on the statistics of 22.06. I saw the annotation of the Drugs came from ChEMBL, including different level clinical precedence.

  1. Is it means 12,854 drugs with 596,593 ( * 596,593 drug evidence from ChEMBL ) evidence all extracted from ChEMBL database?

  2. Do these 12,854 drugs also include compounds haven’t been approved ?


Hi @Anita,

  1. Yes, our drugs and drug evidence is extracted from the ChEMBL database (ChEMBL is the only source of evidence in the data type ‘Drugs’, but we do have additional annotation data e.g. from FAERS.)

  2. The evidence extracted from ChEMBL includes approved drugs and clinical candidates

I hope this helps!

Thanks a lot, got it! :smile: