Overall association scoring - threshold/cut-off for solid interpretation

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Overall association scoring (Target to disease score) is quite useful to identify the target-disease relationship. I am wondering is there any recommended cut-off/threshold score for the downstream interpretation? eg, if the score>0.8, we can make solid conclusion etc…



Hi Shicheng,

Can I check whether your question is related to the Open Targets Platform or Open Targets Genetics? (The target-disease association score is a feature of the Platform, but your topic is tagged under ‘Genetics portal’, so I just want to check I’ve understood correctly.)

In the Platform, the overall Target-Disease association score is a reflection of the availability of data rather than a confidence assessment in the association. We don’t have a recommended cut-off because, for example, under-studied target-disease pairs will have low associations scores but may still be therapeutically interesting. (More information in our documentation.)

If people on the Community would like to comment on how they use the scoring, I’d be interested to know!

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Edit: I have now updated the tag for this post.

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