Identify variants for list of ~300 genes (V2G output only)

Hi there,

I’m looking to use OpenTargetsGenetics to help find regulatory regions for a set of ~300 genes. My aim is to get a table from the V2G pipeline output including info on whether they are p/s/eQTL, HiC linked, FANTOM TSS correlated etc…

I thought I’d start small, looking at individual genes on the GraphQL (following this blog: Accessing Open Targets Genetics using GraphQL)

However, I’m not seeing a query that really matches what I want, the closest seems to be “qtlCredibleSet” but this requires me to know which study I want in advance. It also needs to be a study which “links a top loci with a trait” - so I also think this approach wouldn’t give me the full V2G output for a given gene but just those linked to a trait?

I would rather get the full table of gene-linked variants across multiple studies and include those which aren’t linked to a trait (i.e. just focus on the V2G component of OTG) for now

Thanks in advance for any clues on how to get this!