GraphQL R/python "query" missing

Hi Folks,

It looks like both the R and python graphQL examples are not working right now. They return a code 400 and the message “Missing parameter: query”. I’ve been able to run these and other more complex queries in the past. Are others running into this same problem? Any idea what might be happening?

Sean Hackett
Principal Data Scientist @ Calico

Hello @Sean_Hackett!

Thank you for joining the Open Targets Community!

Earlier this week, we updated our API endpoint URL to use https and so the new endpoint is:

I have updated our GraphQL API documentation and the sample Python and R scripts to reflect the new API URL. Please try again and let us know if you encounter any more difficulties.

Also, check out our BigQuery instance (open-targets-prod) if you’re interested in running more complex, systematic data queries.


Andrew :slight_smile:

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Thanks Andrew, everything is copacetic now : ) I’ve really enjoyed working with GraphQL API so far! I’ll check out BigQuery once I have a better idea of what I’m looking for.