FEV/FEC ratio looks weired

Dear Team,

I am wondering do we have any mistake on “FEV/FEC ratio”, I guess it is FEV/FVC ratio, right?

I cannot find FEV/FEC ratio in UK-Biobank, but find FEV/FVC ratio



Hi Shicheng,

Interesting question. If you expand the gene burden evidence, the study links to the GWAS catalog, where the source trait is FEV1 FVC ratio Z score (UKB data field 20258), which is mapped to FEV/FEC ratio (EFO_0004713). If you open the EFO term definition, it says:

Synonym: FEV/FVC, FEV1/FVC
Is the measurement of the ratio of forced expiratory volume (FEV) to forced vital capacity (FCV), used as a measure of pulmonary function.

Doing a brief serach for FEC hasn’t yielded much, so we’ll double check the correctness of the label with our colleagues at SPOT.


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A follow up from the EFO team on this issue:

Thanks for bringing this to attention @DSuveges! I discussed this with GWAS and we concluded to change the label to the more common "FEV/FVC ratio" and add "FEV/FEC ratio" as a synonym. I also updated the definition to fix a typo.

So once the EFO label is updated released, the subsequent Platform release should contain the correct disease annotation.