Direction of the effect size in Associated studies: Colocalisation analysis section

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As you know, usually the Direction of the effect size in Associated studies are very important to interpret the result and understand the mechanism. I am wondering is there any plan to add the effect size direction in “Associated studies: Colocalisation analysis section”



Hi Shicheng, in the study locus page for a GWAS association, you can hover over the colocalisation analysis table to check the beta for the QTL (screenshot below), the direction of effect can then be compared with the original GWAS beta. Of course, this does not infer causality, where further analysis using MR is required.

We have no current plans to add “direction of effect” indications to the UI, but would be interesting to hear what your ideal Colocalisation table would look like!

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Hi Xiangyu,

Just like you mention direction from MR definitely will be better than Colocalization. However, I don’t think OT will have MR analysis, correct?

At least right now, the direction from the colocalization could provide some insights for the causal relationship without MR support.