The latest release — 22.06 — is now live!

We have just released the latest data update to the Open Targets Platform — 22.06.

Key highlights for this release:

  • We have included five additional studies in our Gene Burden widget, incorporating evidence from several therapeutic areas
  • The term “medical procedure” now exists in our ontology
  • Users can now visualise subcellular locations of targets

This release integrates 14,455,104 evidence strings to build 7,247,865 target-disease associations between 23,074 diseases and 61,524 targets from the following 22 public resources:

Additionally, the Platform now allows users to explore data on 12,854 drugs.

For more details, read the 22.06 release blog post.


Hi Helena, the FTP & gutils link provided at OT data portal seems not accessible now. The latest version is still updated on May. Will it be on later?

EDIT: To elaborate, basically, I can’t access 404 Not Found (

Apologies, as we are experiencing some difficulties with the EBI FTP servers that we are trying to resolve. You can follow the issue here:

Thanks a lot for your prompt response! I noticed that it has been resolved.

Hi! Which state of the frontend have you deployed? I don’t see a release tag as there normally is: Tags · opentargets/platform-app · GitHub

Hello Roman!

For the latest release of the UI and the followings, we are using the OT-UI-APPS repository.
GitHub - opentargets/ot-ui-apps We are working on enforcing the documentation, but basically, this repo will replace platform-app and genetics-app.

You can read about why we are doing this change here: Next steps in our web applications' architecture

Hey @carcruz !

Thank you for the explanation. I didn’t realize the ot-ui-apps repo was already used in production but that certainly explains why there is no release tag in the platform-app repo. I’ll check out the new repo in more detail then.

Thanks again!