Open Targets Genetics v8 now live!

The latest update to Open Targets Genetics — version 8 — has been released! :tada:

Key highlights for this release include:

  • The integration of sQTLs from GTEx
  • An update to GWAS Catalog studies and FinnGen R6
  • The implementation of a Forest plot in the variant page
  • The creation of a new API page

Full details available in the accompanying blog post.

Version 8 — key numbers

With this release, Open Targets Genetics provides information on:

  • 19,599 genes, including 3,912 Unique genes with L2G score>0.8
  • 72,878,709 variants

  • 6,344 trait EFOs, across 24 therapeutic areas

  • 57,244 studies, of which 8,894 have full summary statistics/finemapping

  • 146,433 independent disease/trait-associated loci
  • 3,243,242 trait/trait colocalisation tests

Happy browsing! :dna:

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Hi. Thank you for sharing the update. Have the backend tables been uploaded to Google BigQuery too?

Hi @frahimov! Yes, BigQuery should be updated now :slight_smile:

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These tables are in “bigquery-public-data.open_targets_genetics”, correct?

The “open_targets_genetics” directory shows last modified on "Sep 20, 2022, 2:58:00 AM UTC-5 " but individual tables inside this directory were last modified on "Apr 30, 2022, 3:54:02 PM UTC-5 ".

Also, the number of rows, 3580861, of the locus2gene table is the same as in the one I downloaded in May 2022.

Am I looking at these data in the correct place?

Hi @frahimov!

Those tables are part of our Google BigQuery public dataset instance, and unfortunately, we don’t control when the public datasets are updated.

This data is up-to-date in our own BigQuery instance open-targets-genetics:genetics, if you would like to use that.

If not, we have a few other data access options that you can check out: Data Download - Open Targets Genetics Documentation

Hi @hcornu, Thank you for your response. Yes, I can access the data from your BigQuery instance. That works for me.